All mushrooms are hand-picked. In doing this the fragile mushrooms stay beautiful for longer and they are very suited for the fresh commerce. Mushrooms contain few calories and many proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They can be bought the whole year through.


Below you find a description of our most popular mushrooms. Not all sorts of mushrooms can be found on our site, but often they are deliverable. Would you like more information about all possibilities or are you looking for a special kind? Contact us at We will happily advise you.

White mushrooms

(Agaricus Bisporus) Recognisable by its white cap and stem.The white mushroom is the most famous and the most consumed mushroom.….Lees verder >


Chestnut mushroom

(Agaricus Bisporus Brunensis)  The chestnut mushroom has a light to dark brown colour. This mushroom has a more firm structure and….Lees verder >



(Agaricus Bisporus Brunensis)  The portabello is a giant chestnut mushroom and has a light to dark brown colour. The mushroom has….Lees verder >



(Lentinula Edodus)  The shiitake originates from China and Japan, but is nowadays being cultivated here as well. The shiitake is perceived….Lees verder >



(Pleurotus ostreatus)  Dieser Pilz wächst in Büscheln und hat einen grauen, muschelförmigen Hut und Stiel. Aufgrund der groben Struktur und des….Lees verder >


Yellow Oyster mushroom

(Pleurotus citrinopileatus)  This mushroom grows in bundles and has a yellow shell shaped cap and a white stem. Due to its….Lees verder >

Pink Oyster mushroom

(Pleurotus salmoneostramineus)  This mushroom grows in bundles and has a pink shell shaped cap and a white stem. Due to its….Lees verder >

Mushroom mix

(various kinds)  Various kinds of mushrooms in a mix. Combination of soft flavours Soups, stir-frying, side dish with meat, grilling,….Lees verder >


 Baby button, mini mushrooms

(Agaricus Bisporus)  Mini white mushrooms. Due to their small size they can be directly, integrally processed. Easy for the consumer. Mild….Lees verder >


(King Oyster Mushroom ) Beautiful and robust mushroom with a wide white stem and velvety grey-brown hat and a firm….Lees verder >

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