The mushroom does not need light in order to grow. The mushrooms are therefore being cultivated in special dark cells. The mushrooms stand on growing beds, which are 2 times five floors high and 20 metres long. The cultivation starts with the raw materials. In these raw materials are nutrients and the mushroom fungus, out of which the mushroom will later grow. On this raw material will be put a layer of casing soil, this looks like a sort of compost. The casing soil ensures moist storage and flow of nutrients from the raw materials, so we can cultivate a beautiful, firm mushroom.

In the first ten days the ‘Mycelium’ grows into little buds, these are fungus threads and look like white fuzzy threads in and around the casing soil. These threads function as nutrition roots for the mushroom. Once the buds appear, they subsequently grow in six to seven days into a mushroom. They literally shoot from the soil, because mushrooms double every 24 hours in size. After 16 to 17 days the first mushrooms are harvested in five subsequent days. After the first harvest the growing beds are prepared for a second harvest. After the third harvest there are almost no nutrients in the soil left to grow qualitative mushrooms and hence this soil will be replaced with new raw materials.

During the cultivation the climate in which the mushrooms grows is essential, this is computer controlled. For instance, the mushroom needs a sufficient amount of water, for the production of 1 kg of mushrooms, up to 2 litres of water is needed. The air temperature, the humidity, and the oxygen content of the cell is regulated meticulously.

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