Mushroom grower Nesco was born out of a merger of three existing mushroom growers. Each company has its own History. Years of compounded experience which is being passed on from generation to generation.


Founding of the farm of Jan and son Jozef van den Elsen. Father Jan starts his own company in Sint-Oedenrode, together with his wife, after years of being a manager.


Founding of the farm of Ton and son Jeroen Smits. Ton Smits began as an 18 year old boy in a company as a farmer. After some years he started experimenting with mushrooms in a few abandoned stables. In 1984 he built his own farm in Gemert.


Founding farm in Hernen. Jozef and Jeroen both attended the vocational school for mushroom growing. They worked at different farmers for gaining experience and later took over their parents’ company.


A study group is being founded with young mushroom growers. A cooperation in the area of purchase, cultivation, and exchange of experience.


Jozef, Jeroen and later-on also Riny intensify the cooperation (funding of Nesco)


Start of the collective purchase and sales. Each gets his own task in Nesco, in order to further professionalise.


In order to meet the huge demand a farm in Boekel is rented.


A truck and a packing line is purchased. At the location in Hernen the Biological cultivation of 50% white and 50 % chestnut mushrooms is started.


Purchase of a cooling van and a seal and sticker machine. At one of the locations in Gemert, biological cultivation is started.


The locations in Sint-Oedenrode changes its cultivations from conventional to biological. On 8-05-2014 Jan van den Elsen (father of Jozef and founder of the farm in Sint-Oedenrode) passes away aged 64. Riny retires and Teunie takes over the shares. She manages the location in Hernen and leads the packing department.


The Cultivation location in Boekel is being redesigned for the future, with energy-efficient cooling and energy-efficient heating.

2015- now

The mushroom cultivation changes at a high pace. Development is essential. We still have so many plans and hope to realise them in the years to come.

Contact Nesco: info@nescochampignons.nl  |  T: +31 (0)85 7731088