EKO quality mark for Nesco mushrooms

EKO and Nesco

For Nesco is this quality mark an extra incentive to, in addition to organic cultivation, invest in sustainability and the environment.

EKO quality mark

Foundation EKO Quality mark is the legal owner of the collective EKO Quality mark (for products, restaurants/catering and for retailers). Its mission is to support the organic branch by certification of products and services and to issue the EKO Quality mark as visible sign of trustworthiness.
Together with the branch organisation Bionext and its representatives we noticed that the core values of organic farming are also the foundation under the EKO Quality mark: ecology, health, fairness and care. These values have been formulated by IFOAM, the platform of European organic organisations. With these four principles we shape sustainability.

The EKO-Quality Mark for products

The use of the EKO-Quality Mark is restricted to organic companies that are licensees of Stichting EKO-keurmerk and certified organic by Skal.The EKO-Quality Mark is only allowed on products containing more than 95% organic ingredients. It cannot be used on agricultural products under conversion to organic production.

For more information, please visit https://www.eko-keurmerk.nl/

Contact Nesco: info@nescochampignons.nl  |  T: +31 (0)85 7731088