3 notable health benefits of mushrooms

That mushrooms are tasty, of course we already knew that. But they’re also good for your body. So tasty and good? That’ll make us all happy.

Unlike most white foods, mushrooms do contain a lot of nutrients. Such as minerals, selenium, iron, potassium and phosphorus. Extra special, because these foods are almost not found in plant foods.

but there’s more to why mushrooms are so good for you:

1. It keeps you young
Mushrooms contain a high concentration of 2 antioxidants: ergothionein and glutathione. If you combine these 2 antioxidants, they work extra hard to protect the body from the physiological stress that causes visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

2. they’re good for your heart
mushrooms naturally have a somewhat saltier taste. So without adding salt to your dish, you can give your dish that extra by adding some mushrooms to it. more taste , without adversely affecting your blood pressure. and therefore less likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

3.they give you energy
A mushroom is rich in Vitamin B. For example, they contain vitamins B2, B9, B1, B5 and B3. These substances ensure that you can also absorb the energy from consumed food.

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